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26 Nov 2016 

New Ways to Earn More Money as a Writer by Pamela White


One common theme among writers is how to make more money. Unless we have a spouse whose job includes health insurance, 401K's, and have a fortunate ability to pick winning lottery numbers, we all plot and plan to earn more each week, each month, each year.

Just like a varied diet keeps our health on track, a varied approach to writing keeps our income healthy.

A common dilemma is that once we get in tight with an editor at a well-paying magazine, the editor moves, the magazine closes, or both. Newspapers cut back on weekly columnists; magazines are narrowing down their stable of regular writers so it's hard to break in somewhere new.

While we are living with the changes in our writing opportunities, why not focus on opening new doors instead of fretting about familiar doors shutting in our faces.

Learn to write press releases. Every business needs someone who can write a kick-butt press release to get them free publicity. You can grab some books or search for articles online but writing a press release varies little from writing an article. It's just that you and the editors you're sending it to understand that you are pitching a story that they can run without paying for it. Add press releases to your resume and you can bid on freelance auction sites and earn over $120 per press release as a novice. Seek clients locally, build on your successes and you could end up living off your publicity earnings.

Love to write how-to articles? Why not expand on your favorite topics and turn them into ebooks? My first venture into ebooks was to take an old writing class that I was no longer teaching and simply turn it into one document, each lesson equaled a chapter. I turned it into a PDF, opened an account on, and sent out an email to my list saying I had a new ebook. I made dozens of sales the first week, and the sales continue today. Total time? I spent one day creating the ebook from lessons I had already written. You could do the same from information articles you've penned, or from information you have stashed in your head. You can sell ebooks from your website,, or on .

Learn SEO. Imagine my surprise when someone asked me to write a series of articles based on instructions from his SEO advisor. I had to look it up. Search Engine Optimization is hot and will continue to be a skill that puts you in front of the parade of writers. Simply put, SEO is using keywords (or words that people use in search engines when looking for what you have to offer) throughout your website and meta tags that are picked up by search engines. You want your website to have the words that your potential readers and clients will use to find someone who will provide the services that you long to sell. Yes, it's getting more complex but for more website owners looking for a content provider, you can learn to use online programs that will help you determine which string of search words will bring the most visitors to any site.

Teach what you know. Write up a workshop, pitch it to a local college, church, association, group, or community center. With a little publicity, anyone can fill a class on the subject of her choice. Do you want to teach cooking classes? Would it surprise you to know that Food Network star, and now talk show host, Rachael Ray started teaching 30-minute cooking classes near her home to pay bills, and that led a local tv station to offer her a special, then weekly show. Then came a cookbook, Food Network, special appearances, and on and on. You may not make it as far, as fast as she did, but you can make money to pay bills by teaching workshops. People are willing to pay between $35 to $135 for a half day workshop. And as a writer, you know how to organize and write a class.

Try to get a column (or two). At one point I was writing four regular columns. I had to do little more than those to meet my financial goals. Start off by choosing a theme for your column, write down a list of 12 to 36 ideas and find local, regional and national markets. The guarantee of regular income each week or each month from a column is a wonderful feeling for freelance writers.

Prepare yourself for the ups and downs of the writing life by learning new ways to make more money!
25 Nov 2016 

SEO Look for web page optimization

Whether you are a new organization or just an personal who has began your own web page, you would probably be puzzled as to what your next phase should be. How do you get more visitors to your website? How would people out about your website or arrive at your website when they 'search' for a item that you provide, or look to study up more on an place that you create on. With a lot of sites and weblogs around website optimization service nowadays, you may think it would be nearly difficult for possibility to place on your web page without you providing them the weblink. This however is not real. SEO optimization would help you come up with methods that would entice more visitors to your website.

If you are new to the place, you would need some support. Although there are several SEO organizations that provide seo help and guidelines, it may not be such a good option investing on such solutions especially if your organization is new. So how do you discover search engine optimization basics out all the details you need to know about search optimization? Get yourself an SEO book!

An SEO publication can be obtained on the internet as a PDF computer seo best practices checklist file and can be downloadable quickly. There are a lot of guides in list too that provide great support and guidelines regarding SEO optimization. If you are looking for a free SEO publication, you could also discover a variety of these on the internet to aid those who are new to this place.

Reading an SEO publication may not be simple at first, since a lot of terminology may be used to describe various methods. It's always best therefore to begin with a very primary publication, and once you get the hold of it, you could then shift to examining up on more innovative methods and web resources that can be used.

An SEO publication that uses blueprints to describe methods and that provide step-by-step support would be an excellent way to begin. An SEO publication of this type will also likely have a guidelines that will help you keep a record of what you've discovered and how you are using these methods.

Always keep in thoughts however, that although an SEO publication may provide you with a lot of seo methods, you would need to recognize what performs best for your website and your organization. Failing to recognize these methods and implement them would outcome in more harm- that is that search would generate less visitors to your web page.

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20 Nov 2016 

Marriage :: Christian Weddings in India (Page 2 of 2)

Wedding rituals: Wedding rituals begin with welcoming the bride; the groom is supposed to send a car to pick up the bride and then wait for her outside the church. Then the bride arrives and after that the Best Man welcomes her with a kiss on either cheek and presents her a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Both the bride and the groom walk down the aisle slowly and elegantly with the wedding procession in tow till they reach they reach where the priest stands for the wedding mass. The priest welcomes them and showers the couple with blessings. Then the wedding mass begins with recital of hymns and selected readings from the Bible. After that, the priest recites the homily, with an emphasis on the purity of marriage. The next ceremony is the blessing and the exchange of the wedding rings. The wedding ceremony concludes with the final blessing of the priest. Towards the end, the guests shower the newly wedded couple with their blessings. The last custom is the couple then signs the register and walk down aisle.

Post wedding rituals: Like all online wedding planner other Indian matrimonial, Catholic wedding ideas on a budget wedding are also followed by a reception for celebration. This is how most of the Christian weddings are celebrated in India.

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19 Nov 2016 

DIY Network's "Million Dollar Contractor"


New York City's premier contractor Stephen Fanuka, who is

well-known for his work with the world's top designers, architects and

celebrity clientele, including Thom Filicia, Nate Berkus, Francois

Catroux, Jacques Grange, Eric Cohler, Nancy Bozhardt, Tyra Banks, Tony

Bennett, Michael J. Fox and Lindsay Lohan, is hosting his first national

television series with the launch of DIY

Network's Million Dollar Contractor, premiering Sunday,

Oct. 16 at 10 p.m. ET. A half-hour series dedicated to giving

viewers a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most amazing spaces and

construction of Manhattan's high-end luxury homes, Million Dollar

Contractor focuses on the details, the materials and the insane

amount of money clients spend to allow Fanuka, the "Contractor to the

Stars," to create million dollar projects.

"I'll give you the inside track on the fast pace world of high-end

interior residential renovations," said Fanuka. "With Million

Dollar Contractor, I'll show you the way the best designers,

architects and vendors think outside the box while giving you the

know-how to do-it-yourself or hire the right contractor. Your home is

your castle, and I'll show you how to treat it like one."

DIY Network's Million Dollar Contractor features home

renovation projects that are unlike anything seen before. During each

episode, Fanuka takes his clients opulent "wish list" and makes them a

reality with expensive one-of-a-kind materials. He brings unimaginable

ideas to the table, such as:

Turning a $10 million, three-bedroom penthouse in Manhattan's West

Village into the ultimate bachelor pad, including extensive custom

work of a stunning, 700-pound walnut pivot door to drastically change

the shape and flow of the condo.

Overhauling a pre-war home on New York's Upper West Side including

handmade flooring featuring four different species of wood and a price

tag of over $100,000; a master bathroom decorated in floor-to-ceiling

granite slabs, and a kitchen made from Anigre, a rare and beautiful

African hardwood.

Tackling both the public and private spaces of a huge apartment in New

York's Upper East Side featuring handmade Venetian plaster moldings,

custom pocket doors, Fanuka's trademark custom cabinetry, Thassos pure

white marble, and concealed LED hallway lights.

Creating the best listening room in the world for an international pop

star's 18,000 sq. foot apartment to include special acoustic fabrics

and building materials, and engineers' tests to confirm perfect audio


Building a solarium on the roof of a Central Park West apartment

building more than 17 stories above New York City.

Delivering "Million Dollar" quality on a fraction of the price by

renovating and updating a public school teacher's studio apartment.

Million Dollar Contractor also features popular see this here interior

designer and talk show host, Nate Berkus, who calls upon Fanuka

to redo his new Greenwich Village townhouse. Fanuka fills the library

with 11-foot high bookcases, installs customized steel doors and even an

antique-style French fireplace. The skilled contractor also works with

designer Thom Filicia on a Central Park West apartment, where

they create a completely new gourmet kitchen and upgrade a suite for the

homeowner's mother-in-law.

To succeed as a contractor in New York, a few favors have to be done and

in one episode, Fanuka helps his friends, designers Ed Ku and Etienne

Coffinier, as they design and build a room for the 2010 Kips Bay

Decorator's Show House. With only two weeks to transform a featureless

room into an elegant living space, he pulls out all the stops to execute

Ed and Etienne's vision and in doing so, impress the design community.

The highly sought-after Fanuka, who turned his father's custom cabinet

shop into a prestigious contracting firm for luxury interior

renovations, demonstrates time and again why he's the man for the job.

Although his clients have differing tastes and styles, they have one

thing in common - they all expect the transformation to be perfect.

Although it's not always smooth sailing, Fanuka pulls out all the stops

to create the kind of end result that satisfies even the toughest

critics. His mission is still as simple as when he started Fanuka,

Inc. "Give the client what they paid for, a first-rate job with

class-A service. Make the experience a pleasurable one - one that the

client will positively remember. Chances are he will tell a friend and

they'll tell a friend."

Despite the hefty price tag of his high-end interior renovations, many

of the same issues and problems on-site also occur in the homes of

everyday people. Fanuka shares tips and tricks of the trade that first

time DIYers and home improvement aficionados will appreciate in DIY

Network's Million Dollar Contractor and in his new book, "What's

a Homeowner to Do? 442 Things You Should Know" (Artisan Books,

November 22, 2011, $17.95, Paperback Original), co-authored with The

New York Times Magazine columnist Edward Lewine.



Network, from the makers of HGTV

and Food

Network, is the go-to destination for rip-up, knock-out home

improvement television. DIY Network's programs and experts answer the

most sought-after questions and offer creative projects for

do-it-yourself enthusiasts. One of the fastest growing digital networks

and currently in more than 53 million homes, DIY Network's programming

covers a broad range of categories, including home

improvement and landscaping.

The network's award-winning website,, is

a leader in the Nielsen Online Home and Garden category and features

multiple resources, including thousands of do-it-yourself home

improvement projects, expert advice, how-to videos and images, and

user-friendly reference guides with step-by-step instructions.

Members of the media may also obtain additional press materials, talent

bios and show images by registering at DIY Network's online

media newsroom. Viewers can also become fans of DIY Network and

interact with other home improvement enthusiasts and do-it-yourselfers

through Facebook

and Twitter.

DIY Network is available nationwide on DISH Network Ch. 111 and DIRECTV

Ch. 230, and additional cable channel designations may be found by

checking local listings and
19 Nov 2016 

What lawyers do not tell you in Ontario Family law

Ontario Canada courts have these funny things called practice directions. For that reason a lawyer in say Hamilton may not go to court in Toronto if he does not know these courthouse rules. They can vary form court to court.

I am posting these because for some in a long battle a form 14b or a basket motion can be filed to help decided some things when time is of the essence be very clear, concise, and provide supporting info. Submit to a court and then sit and wait. It can take hours or in my case 3 WEEKS!!! Justice is slow in Ontario.

Find out what region your court is in on this link and then decide what you can learn and do your self before resorting to hire a lawyer. Knowledge is power. Go to

and so some research as well!

Get to know the legal terms well. Example a chambers motion is an off the record statement handwritten by a judge. These are not officially on the record. They are also called a judicial endorsement.

You can ask for one with a 14b when you are uncertain of what to do next in your case like the ex is threatening to kidnap the kid's or your circumstances have changed. or there is abuse have a peek at this web-site involved.

See the glossary.

This one threw me for a loop when I got one. I thought why not just call it a decision or determination. But then you would NOT need a LAYWER. that would be to simple right?

EndorseTo sign a legal document or formally approve something.EndorsementThe written decision of a judge.

this and that are two great current case laws on family law.

Also there are only two public law libraries in all of Ontario even though each court house has a law library with copy machines. Sorry only the over lawyers not the mere mortals, god forbid.

The first one is called the Great Library in Downtown Toronto Ran by the LSUC or the Law Society that governs lawyers. The second one is in London Ontario.


New. to keep your divorce info private from all eyes in Ontario you must file a form 13 and 14a a MOTION and an affidavit that needs to be notarized,. in Ontario only lawyers and some paralegals can do that. Ask that the files be SEALED especially if there is info about a child or you do not want your ex to know about


Some PD are often used to bully ILLEGALY the other party. In Ont they have this uknown secret that the person that calls the cops the most read here loses the most. Even if there is real abuse involved. No lawyer or cops will tell you this.


Make sure when you submit your forms and documents that you keep a good list of what exactly is filed . Things have a way of getting lost in the courts there. Only one court in the entire province has a real free lawyer. It is in the main Toronto Court house downtown.

You can sue for damages via The family law act of Ontario see family torts within the law. On www. see Family Law Act Ontario.

Men can be given custody even if they have been abusive. This is wrong but if they are rich they often win. Sadly enough. Judges are not always fair from what I have seen yet they are supposed. If you have to divorce and one of you is not from Canada file in your home country if you can. Chances are it is a far more saner system and get your ex to agree.

Call them all. Every darn lawyer. some will be rude. be rude back. I have good manners and Going Here am polite but with them I found you have to push back. Drove me nuts at first to do this.

Some lawyers will talk for free some will not. Take notes ask questions and you may be able to not have to hire one in the end. Even the super rich there have been drained dry in divorce court.

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